Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day Fourteen - The Louboutin

So today I was really boring and didn't wear anything interesting but I went hunting for Christian Louboutin's 20 anniversary capsule collection and I got some pretty shoes! They are so pretty I had to buy them! 

The boxes come in a 20 anniversary edition and they are going to be two of the few shoe boxes I keep for life! 
This is why women all over the world loves Loubi the red soles!!!!!! The capsule collection come with a special shoe bag that is just sooooooo sexy! 
So even the wrapping paper are special ones! 
Tada the sandals! I am never a real big fan on the whole oriental influence in the western world of designs but I was quite brave today and tried on this pair of sandals and they are absolutely stunning and so laid back I wish I own a yacht and have time to cruise around in them.

I went to Louboutin's London Motcomb street branch today asking for the capsule collection and was told the only place that sells them at the moment was Selfridges so I got straight into the taxi and rushed to Selfridges in the fear that they haven't got any of the shoes with my sizes left! When I got there I asked for all the models with my size available and picked the Pigalove (the black ones with crystal 'love' across them) and the Copte (detailed above). 

OH SO LOUBI!!!!!!!

Read more about Christian Louboutin's capsule collection here.

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