Friday, 9 March 2012

Day Nineteen - The Blues

I love another sunny day, spring is really here so I thought I should brighten things up a little. The whole print trend for this spring has finally affected me and I dipped my toes in for a quick try today. I don't own much print clothing so I dug out what I had and this is what I came up with.

Those with sharp eyes might have noticed I'm wearing the trousers from Erdem cruise collection 2011, I absolutely adore that collection and will keep wearing this pair of trousers for a long time pass the season. The Erdem trousers are so comfortable and pretty you can't say no to them! The only downfall with this print is I find it quite hard to pair things with it. I usually start dressing up with trousers/leggings and work my way around it. Today I thought I would pair this sleeveless top from ASOS (a great buy in my opinion) for a gradual change in patterns and colours.

You have seen the flats from Day Four and again I cannot stress more how comfortable these Miu Miu flats are (once you have worn them in that is)!

Burberry trench coat
ASOS sleevless top
Erdem trousers
Miu Miu studded flats

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